For over twenty years, we have helped our customers in Italy and abroad to improve their corporate image and to effectively promote their products at exhibitions and conferences.
Our mission is to achieve optimal event management through focused consultation and the expert design and assembly of both display and marketing booths.
We can supply all necessary materials and related services: graphics, audiovisual equipment, catering, photography, storage, management of promotional materials, client equipment maintenance, and brand marketing consulting.
In response to the many market requests we have received, we have evolved and expanded our product line to include external exhibits with gazebos, tensile fabric structures, stages, platforms and booths for event organizational agencies.

Services for Brand Image and Product Promotion:

  • Booth Design and Assembly
  • Booths for event organizational agencies
  • Modular Structures for Receptions and Entertainment
  • Advanced Audio/Video Solutions
  • Logistics

To achieve and maintain sector leadership in the quality of services and the attention to cost management we offer, and to become the preferred choice for the most prestigious client firms.


Excellence, Accuracy, Quality, Integrity, Impeccable Execution, Environmental Responsibility.